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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 01:04:02 -0700
From: Edward Cherlin <>
Subject: Re: [fwd] Creating UTF-8 URLs

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>Subject: Re: [fwd] Creating UTF-8 URLs
>Edward Cherlin wrote:
>>Context: The URI list is discussing whether to suggest using %HH encoded
>>UTF-8 for non-ASCII URLs. Martin Dürst, François Yergeau, and I are in
>>favor, but Larry Masinter and Roy Fielding are opposed, claiming that it
>>cannot be implemented without breaking existing software. We hope to prove
>Users' and implementors' experience of UTF-8 URLs will be one of the many
>topics discussed at the Eleventh International Unicode Conference (IUC11) in
>September.  If you have an interest in this functionality, please come and
>share your experience and ideas.  If you work for a browser vendor/developer,
>please try to get your browser to support UTF-8 URLs by the time of the
>The IUC11 Web sites are <> and

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