Re: UTF-8 URL for testing

Edward Cherlin (
Sat, 12 Apr 1997 15:40:12 -0700

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Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 15:40:12 -0700
From: Edward Cherlin <>
Subject: Re: UTF-8 URL for testing

Francois Yergeau <> wrote:

>I don't know whether this is of any value at this point, but those who
>would like to test a UTF-8 URL on their own may point their browsers to
><>.  Click on the links
>within to see whether *your* browser handles those crazy,
>out-in-left-field, non-ASCII constructs.  I've found three that work fine,
>and two of them together represent almost the whole browser installed base.
>And for the record, Alis does support i18n of URLs through UTF-8, and is
>planning to put as much support for them as possible in future releases of
>Tango.  What is needed is standardization, and I am *not* satisfied with
>the current syntax draft, which continues to ignore a very basic need.
>If *recommending* UTF-8 means that URL syntax cannot progress to Draft
>Standard, so be it: recycle to Proposed and come back in 6 months.  The
>proposal of having a separate URL i18n document is unnacceptable, as it
>would give rise to two different and possibly incompatible standards.  With
>one Draft and one Proposed (at best), we would have a two-tier URL space
>with the lower tier only internationalized.  I sincerely hope that such a
>schism is not the consensus, even rough, of this group.
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Certainly there is not rough consensus on the present draft *without* the
proposed recommendation on UTF-8.

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