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Thu, 17 Apr 1997 02:17:27 -0700

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Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 02:17:27 -0700
From: Edward Cherlin <>
Subject: Noise

Out of all of this noise, I detected a real issue. %HH encoding is used for
non-character data. Using it for UTF-8 at the same time would be ambiguous.
I don't know how often this conflict would arise, but it is a real issue.
So we need another solution. That might mean we want another encoding of
the UTF-8 which can be distinguished from %HH. However, this is a separate

The rest of the noise seems to be about how much of the problem Martin's
proposal would solve, with answers ranging from "none at all" to "quite a
lot", and about how much it needs to solve, with answers ranging from
"everything" to "a fair amount" respectively.

I would suggest a retreat from the "Yes, it works!" "No, it doesn't!" style
of argument to the Quaker method of verifying that you understand the
question before firing off answers, except that I would expect to be
roundly ignored. [sigh]

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