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(formatted) proposed namespace URI versioning policy

2 questions for the afternoon Q&A session

[VER 3] WS-Policy WG Teleconference 03 Agenda 2006-07-26

About call for exclusion

bugzilla feed for ws-policy bugs

closed action item 14

closed action item 24

closed action item 32

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closed action item 37

closed action item 6

closed action item 8 -- entering new issues

Data model and formal semantics

Entered bug for Normalization

Extended Domain Expressions

face-to-face issues list (consolidated)

First Editors' Drafts

How to use Bugzilla

New bugzilla bug for issue on distinguishing assertions from parameters entered

NEW ISSUE: "Policy Alternatives" and "Policy" need proper definit ion

NEW ISSUE: Change Reference from RFC 3986 to RFC 3987

NEW ISSUE: Change Reference from RFC 3986 to RFC 3987 [UPDATED]

NEW ISSUE: Clarification on 4.3.2 in framework around normalizing method assertions

NEW ISSUE: Clarify "Framework" in Introduction

NEW ISSUE: Clarify the relation of overlapping definitions in the framework / in the attachement document

NEW ISSUE: Conformance Sections needed for both Specs

NEW ISSUE: Confusing use of "policy expression"

NEW ISSUE: framework and domain specific policy assertions-- clarification of division of concerns in the Introductory sentence

NEW ISSUE: HTTP/HTTPS conflict resolution between policy assertion and WSDL

NEW ISSUE: Misc. (editorial) corrections throughout

NEW ISSUE: Modify wording in 1.1 Introduction for Framework document

NEW ISSUE: Modify wording in Abstract for Framework document

NEW ISSUE: Namespace URI for W3C WS-Policy

NEW ISSUE: Nested policy as a qualifying mechanism on an assertion is too general

NEW ISSUE: Normalization should make empty nested policy elements equivalent to policy statements without nested policy element

NEW ISSUE: Policy Application to Web services Model description i naccurate

NEW ISSUE: Policy Compatibility Check must account for level of N esting of Policy Alternatives

NEW ISSUE: Policy Negotiation

NEW ISSUE: Require assertions to be distinguished from parameter elements

NEW ISSUE: section 1.1 Goals section, rewording

NEW ISSUE: Semantics of successful intersection determined by domain-specific assertion content

NEW ISSUE: The framework specification should enable usage of xml:id

NEW ISSUE: WSDL 2.0 status recorded in Attachments 1.5

new issues to date (14 July)

Observations on WS-Policy - foils for today's presentation

please follow the convention we have adopted

policy attachment slides

policy attachment slides-pdf

proposed namespace URI versioning policy

Raising WS-Policy issues

Report on last WS-Policy interop


Resolved action item:

REVISED: WS-Policy WG Face-2-Face 02 Agenda 11-13 July 2006

Running example

Slides for WS-Policy Presentation

status sections

Understanding Web Services Policy

we are reconvening at 10 am CDT

WS-Policy April Interop Presentation

WS-Policy WG Face-2-Face 01 Agenda 11-13 July 2006

WS-Policy WG Teleconference 01 Agenda 2006-06-28

WS-Policy WG Teleconference 03 Agenda 2006-07-26

WS-Policy WG Teleconference 04 Agenda 2006-08-02

WS-Policy, minutes of the 2006-07-11 - 07-13 face-to-face meeting

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