Re: NEW ISSUE: Change Reference from RFC 3986 to RFC 3987 [UPDATED]

My first mail about this issue was not appropriate, since I did not use
the ISSUES template and did not gave further information about my
request. Thanks to Paul for pointing that out offline.

Below is a modified version of the issue.

Title - Usage of Internationalized Resource Identifiers for W3C WS-Policy

Description -

The proposal is to refer in WS-Policy Framework [1] and WS-Policy
Attachment [2] to Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs, RFC 3987
[3]) instead of Uniform Resource Identifier (URIs, RFC 3986 [4]).

Justification -

Currently, WS-Policy Framework and WS-Policy Attachment refer to URIs as
defined by RFC 3986. To accomplish a world-wide adoption of these
specifications, IRIs as defined by RFC 3987 should be used instead. IRIs
allow the non-escaped use of non-ASCII characters in resource identifiers.

Since the creation of RFC 3987, W3C has supported this standard [5]. It
has been adopted in a wide range of W3C technologies, including XQuery
1.0 [6]. WSDL 2.0 [7], an important target of WS-Policy, also refers to
RFC 3987.

Target -

WS-Policy Framework and WS-Policy Attachment both need to be

Proposal -

Change reference to RFC 3986 to RFC 3987 in [3] and [4].



Received on Thursday, 13 July 2006 14:22:21 UTC