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WS-Policy WG Face-2-Face 01 Agenda 11-13 July 2006

From: Christopher B Ferris <chrisfer@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 19:14:19 -0400
To: public-ws-policy@w3.org
Message-ID: <OFCD12319F.34DAF571-ON852571A2.007F7F6F-852571A2.007FA667@us.ibm.com>
WS-Policy WG Face-2-Face 01 Agenda 
2006-07-11 thru 2006-07-13

The phone number and IRC channel as documented
on the WG administrative page:

Teleconference Time and Length (eight hours)
Pacific   7 AM - 3 pm
Mountain 8 AM - 4 pm
Central  9 AM - 5 pm
Eastern  10 AM - 6 pm
UK        3 PM - 11 pm
Sri Lanka 7:30 PM - 3: 30 am

Tuesday 2006-07-11 chair Chris Ferris

0. Breakfast (8:30 am CDT)

1. Roll call and selection of secretaries (9:00 am CDT)

        Scribe List: (will select one victim in-order from the list below 
per 1/2 day session)
        Asir Vedamuthu
        Ümit Yalçinalp
        Frederick Hirsch
        Mark Little
        William Henry
        Abbie Barbir
        Jeff Mischkinsky
        Prasad Yendluri
        Anthony Nadalin
        Dale Moberg
        Dimitar Angelov
        Sanjiva Weerawarana
        David Orchard
        Bijan Parsia
        Yakov Sverdlov
        Monica Martin
        Seumas Soltysik
        Maryann Hondo
        Toufic Boubez
        Glen Daniels
        Fabian Ritzmann
        Ashok Malhotra
        Sanka Samaranayake
        Ruchith Fernando
        Felix Sasaki
        Daniel Roth
        Charlton Barreto
        Jeffrey Crump
        Tom Jordahl
        Jong Lee

        - In lieu of roll call, each participant will be afforded up to a 
minute to introduce themselves
        and state their background and motivation for participation

2. Administrative (9:30 am CDT)

        a) Public WG home page

        b) Administrative WG home page 
        http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/policy/admin (member only)

        c) Attendance tracker:
(member only)
        d) WG tools (IRC, Zakim, action item and issue tracking, etc.)

        e) Approval of 2006-06-28 telcon minutes
(member only)

3. Action Item Review (9:35 am CDT)
        2006-06-28: Asir to gather documents from the workshop on policy 
before the July f2f 
                [recorded in 
        2006-06-28: Chris to generate the random scribe list of 
participants for the next agenda 
                [recorded in 
        2006-06-28: Chris to tackle with Tony and Melita the breakfast and 
hotel questions 
                [recorded in 
        2006-06-28: Paul to start the thread on the current policy 
                [recorded in 
        2006-06-28: plh to reserve the W3C bridge for the July f2f
                [recorded in 

4. WG charter review (9:40 am CDT)

5. Break (10:30 am CDT)

6. WG schedule review (10:50 am CDT)
        a) Traditional W3C August break
        Status: The Chairs propose that the WG NOT take a break in August 

        b) Distributed meeting time slot, Wed 12noon-2pm ET
        Status: The Chairs propose that we hold weekly distributed meeting 
        Wed 12noon-2pm ET.

        c) Future distributed meetings
        Status: The Chairs propose the following distributed meeting 

        Wed Jul 12 (cancelled due to F2F)
        Wed Jul 19 (cancelled - week after F2F)
        Wed Jul 26
        Wed Aug  2
        Wed Aug  9
        Wed Aug 16
        Wed Aug 23
        Wed Aug 30
        Wed Sep  6
        Wed Sep 13 (cancelled due to F2F)
        Wed Sep 20 (cancelled - week after F2F)
        Wed Sep 27

        d) WG F2F meeting schedule

        - Tue-Thu Sep 12-14
        Status: Microsoft has offered to host this meeting in Redmond, WA.

        - Nov 2006
        >From WG Charter:
        "November 2006: The third face-to-face meeting occurs in the first 
        of the month."

        - Jan 2007
        >From WG Charter:
        "January 2007: Fourth face-to-face meeting."
        Status: The W3C is considering an "interim, 
        week in early 2007".  We should consider if we might be interested 
        taking advantage  of this draft plan:

7. W3C Process review (11:15 am CDT) (Philippe or Felix)

8. Presentation of WS-Policy Framework (11:30 am CDT) (Asir Vedamuthu)

9. Lunch (12:30 pm CDT)

10. Q&A on WS-Policy Framework (1:30 pm CDT)

11. Presentation of WS-Policy Attachments (2:15 pm CDT) (Maryann Hondo)

12. Break (3:15 pm CDT)

13. Q&A on WS-Policy Attachments (3:45 pm CDT)

14. Submitting WS-Policy Issues (4:45 pm CDT)
        See draft proposal on home page:

15. Recess (5 pm CDT)

Wednesday 2006-07-12 chair Paul Cotton

16. Breakfast (8:30 am CDT)

17. Reconvene & Administrivia (9:00 am CDT)

18. Presentation of WS-Policy usage (9:05 am CDT) (Tony Nadalin)

19. Q&A of WS-Policy Usage (10:05 am CDT)

20. Break (10:30 am CDT)

21. WS-Policy recommendations (11:00 am CDT) (Ashok Malhotra)

21. Q&A (12:00 noon CDT)

25. Lunch (12:30 pm CDT)

26. Detailed review of input specifications to collect issues (1:30 pm 

27. Break (3:30 pm CDT)

28. Detailed review of input specifications to collect issues (4:00 pm 

29. Recess (5:00 pm CDT)

Thursday 2006-07-13 chair Chris Ferris

30. Breakfast (8:30 am CDT)

31. Reconvene & Administrivia (9:00 am CDT)

32. Detailed review of input specifications to collect issues (9:05 am 

33. Break (10:30 am CDT)

34. Detailed review of input specifications to collect issues (11:00 am 

35. Lunch (12:30 pm CDT)

36. Detailed review of input specifications to collect issues (1:30 pm 

37. Break (3:00 pm CDT)

38. Schedule of publication timeline (3:30 pm CDT)

38. AOB (4:00 pm CDT)

38. Recess (5:00 pm CDT)


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STSM, Software Group Standards Strategy
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