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[minutes] 2013-11-15 Chapter 7 Revisions (part of Advisory Board f2f Day 2) meeting

[minutes] 2013-11-25 Chapter 7 Revisions meeting

[tr] Proposed New Outline

[TR] Substantive Change

Agenda for Chapter 7 Process Doc TF for Monday, 25 November

Are Director's Calls mandatory for LCCR?

Encouraging/Ensuring Wide Review

General comments for Proposed Chapter 7

Issue-55 [Was: Re: [minutes] 2013-11-25 Chapter 7 Revisions meeting]

LCCR period too short

No W3C Process Task Force Telcon on Monday 11/18

Nov 27 is deadline for Ch7 Comments [Was: Re: Revisions to Chapter 7 of the W3C Process Document]

Purpose (and Naming) of LCCR

Request for deadline extension for Ch7 proposal

Results from 25 November W3C Process Task Force meeting

The Emperor's New Process [Was: Re: Are Director's Calls mandatory for LCCR?]

Transition to a revised Technical Report Development Process [W3Process-ISSUE-39, W3Process-ACTION-10, proposal]

w3process-ISSUE-51 (SoTD): What to do with the Status section? [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-52 (Wide Review Ensured): How is satisfying ‚??widely reviewed‚?? encouraged/ensured? [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-53 (Rename LCCR): Rename Last Call Candidate Recommendation [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-54: Change Recommendation to Standard

w3process-ISSUE-55 (AC-WG-Meeting-Overlap): AC Meetings should not be scheduled to overlap All WG meetings [Process Document]

w3process-ISSUE-56 (Pending LCCR Announcement): How are groups outside the W3C, but with dependencies on a specification notified of a pending LCCR? [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-57 (Editor's Drafts): Avoid using the term "publishing" for Editor's Drafts [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-58 (Implementation of "this" specification): Clarifying that implementation experience is for specification being progressed [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-59 (Chap7-Organization): The 24-Oct-2013 Draft of Ch7 has some organizational issues and readability suffers [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-60 (Ch7-Evolution): Chapter 7 should be moved to Github to encourage and facilitate contributions to its evolution [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-61 (Ch7-Acknowledgements): Move the Acknowledgements to a separate Appendix at the end of the doc [Community Group Processes]

w3process-ISSUE-62 (Ch7-Comments-List): Chapter 7: include the mail list for comments and a link to the archive [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-63 (Ch7-Changes-Appendix): Chapter 7: Changes since last publication should be in an Appendix [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-64 (Ch7-Errata): Chapter 7: add a link to an errata page [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-65 (Ch7-Define-(un)Stable): Chapter 7: define stable and unstable [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-66 (Ch7-Please-Dont-Create-New-Problems): Elimination of LC or combining LC and CR creates new problems [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-67 (Ch7-Education-Is-the-Key): Rather than change LC and CR, it seems like it would be more effective to attack the cycle problem via Education and Outreach [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-68 (Ch7-DogFood-The-New-CR): Rather than implement it across-the-board, perhaps it would be useful to have a "candidate" period [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-69 (Ch7-Get-Review-from-SDOs): Chapter 7: get Wide Review of Chapter 7 from other SDOs [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-70 (Ch7-Eliminate-"Normative"): Usage of "normative" needs clarification [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

What is the plan to get Wide Review of Chapter 7 from other SDOs?

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