Re: w3process-ISSUE-54: Change Recommendation to Standard

Hi, David–

On 11/12/13 10:29 AM, David Singer wrote:
> Ouch.
> Traditionally, 'standard' means something from a standards body, and
> we are a trade association.  But I agree, 'recommendation' is a poor
> word (who is recommending what?)

That's an interesting point. I'm not sure I agree with it, based on the 
definition of a trade association on Wikipedia [1] (emphasis mine).

A trade association, also known as an industry trade group, business 
association or sector association, is an organization founded and funded 
by businesses that operate in a specific industry. An industry trade 
association participates in public relations activities such as 
advertising, education, political donations, lobbying and publishing, 
***but its main focus is collaboration between companies, or 
standardization***. Associations may offer other services, such as 
producing conferences, networking or charitable events or offering 
classes or educational materials. Many associations are non-profit 
organizations governed by bylaws and directed by officers who are also 

However, I sense that there's some underlying reason you are shying away 
from the word "standard", and I think it would be valuable to explore 
any potential risks or confusion there.

Personally, as someone who does a lot of developer relations and 
outreach, it's burdensome to clarify to that audience what a 
"Recommendation" is, and I end up saying "it's what W3C calls a 
'standard'", which is a known and common nomenclature (even informal 
groups like WHATWG use it for their deliverables). So, this would 
clarify and simplify our communications to several audiences.

Are there audiences we aren't thinking of that would react badly to our 
using the word "standard"?



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