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[Call for objections] Network interaction

[Issue 153] Suggested text

Agenda for December 11, 2013 call

Agenda for December 18, 2013 call

any additional Proposals on UA requirement to handle exceptions


Batch closing of TPE issues (Deadline: December 03)

CfO on ISSUES- 16 and -204, definitions of collect/share/use/retain

Chairs' decisions on Calls for Objection on tracking/party definitions (ISSUE-5, ISSUE-10)

Concerns with ISSUE-161

Draft Agenda for December 04, 2013 call - V01

Issue 153

Issue-151: Proposed Text (Updated)

ISSUE-239: Link to compliance document

ISSUES 151 and 153

On Issue-151, site use of exceptions API

re-phrasing the note in Disregard

TPE status

tracking-ISSUE-239: Should tracking status representation include an array of links for claiming compliance by reference? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-240 (Context): Do we need to define context? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

Updated Agenda for December 04, 2013 call - V02

WDs and heartbeats

Your concerns with ISSUE_197?

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