Chairs' decisions on Calls for Objection on tracking/party definitions (ISSUE-5, ISSUE-10)

Hello all, we announced the results of the Calls for Objection on tracking and party definitions on last week's call --- the chairs decided that Option A on both had the least strong objections, and would be added as definitions to both the TPE and TCS.  I'm attaching brief explanatory memoranda on both ISSUES that address the group members' substantive objections in some more detail.  I don't expect to discuss the merits of these issues on the call tomorrow, though if there are questions about what the decisions mean for the work going forward, feel free to bring them up!  Thanks again to all for their contributions and hard work on finalizing the TPE document for last call; I do believe the end is in sight.

Justin Brookman
Director, Consumer Privacy
Center for Democracy & Technology
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Received on Wednesday, 18 December 2013 03:43:48 UTC