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[ALL] Agenda 13 Jan telecon 1800 UTC

[ALL] Agenda 27 Jan telecon 1800 UTC

[ALL] FYI document status report

[ALL] Minutes 13 Jan telecon 1800 UTC

[ALL] Minutes 27 Jan

[ALL] timing for 3-4 March f2f

[Fwd: Agenda for the 2 March 2005 W3C Technical Plenary Day. Please register and reserve hotel room.]

[Fwd: All Group Meeting/Tech Plenary AV Questionnaire - Please respond by 12 January]

[OEP, ALL] nary relations vocabulary

[OEP,SE,ALL] OMG comments

[OEP] classes as values - latest editors draft?

[OEP] New draft of the note on n-ary relations

[OEP] review for n-ary relations draft

[OEP] Simple Part-Whole Relations - draft 1

[PORT] Actions subsequent to review

[PORT] progress update

[RDFTM] Status and regrets

[SE] Augmenting Semantic Web Service Description With Compositional Specification

[SE] Brief Agenda for tomorrows telecon

[SE] Composite Identification Schemes on the Semantic Web

[SE] Introduction

[SE] More help from the great and the good

[SE] Ontology Driven Architectures

[SE] Ontology Driven Architectures Second Draft etc

[SE] Pointer to the model driven semantic web workshop co-located with EDOC

[SE] SETF and HP

[SE] SETF Draft Telecon Agenda

[SE] Software Engineering Task Force Telecon 18-01-05 Summary

[SE] Software Engineering Task Force Telecon Times

[SE] Web page about SWSE ideas

[SE] Web page updated

[VM] Progress; Jan 13 - apologies

[WNET] Please send info

[XSCH, ALL] some detailed comments from datatype note review

[XSCH,ALL] draft msg to other WGs

[XSCH] delays ...

[XSCH] editors draft - finished?

[XSCH] latest editor's draft

[XSCH] new editors draft

[XSCH] welcome to Michael Sperberg-McQueen

Bio of self

BP input to DAWG/SPARQL (esp SOURCE, UNSAID) still wanted

Comments on SKOS Core Guide & Quick Guide

DAWG request for input on two of their open issues

General comments on XSCH Datatypes note

Minor agenda request Re: [ALL] Agenda 13 Jan telecon 1800 UTC

my bio

My bio for the record

OMG Ontology Metamodel Definition Review

Protege-OWL API

RE : Regrets for Jan 13th telecon

RE : Regrets for Jan 27th telecon

regret for telecon

Regrets for 1/27 Telecon

Regrets for both Jan 13th and 27th Telecon

Regrets for Jan 13th telecon

Regrets for Jan 27 telecon

Regrets for Jan 27th telecon

Regrets for today's telcon

regrets/risk for telecon today

review of ODM

Review of ODM Chapter 16 - UML Profile for RDFS and OWL

Revised submission for ODM available

Second draft of Classes as Values note

Software Engineering Task Force Telecon 18-01-05 Summary

Task Force Descriptions $swbpd

Tomorrows Telecon Agenda

Tutorial scope or [OEP]

XML Schema Datatypes and the Semantic Web

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