Software Engineering Task Force Telecon 18-01-05 Summary

Software Engineering Task Force Telecon Summary

Date:             18th Jan 2005
Present:    Phil Tetlow
            Jeff Pan
            Evan Wallace
            Deborah McGuiness

Outcomes and Suggestions:

1.    The initial focus of the Task Force should be to prepare at least one
note characterising current thinking on the application of the Semantic Web
in Software Engineering. This may take some time to produce, allowing for
ideas to mature through active debate, and should include high level
descriptions relating to current areas of interest, at least including:
o     Ontology Driven Architectures (ODA)
o     Self-Organising Systems
o     Composite Identification Schemes
o     Highly Adaptive Interfaces
      Work on this is already ongoing, but no deadline has yet been set for
      this deliverable.
2.    Ideas relating to specific lower level concepts, approaches and
schemes should either be published via separate notes or be passed on to
other task forces/working groups for further consideration. Hence, a second
more detailed note on the creation and use of composite identification
schemes on the Semantic Web is supported and action is underway to make
this available for publication from the Task Force in the near future.
3.    Members have been asked to consider ideas for other notes.
4.    Given that the concept of the application of the Semantic Web in
Software Engineering is very much in its infancy, a task force duration for
six months or less appear too short for an sufficiently informed consensus
of opinion to form. Guidance is hence required on the most appropriate
approach needed to support such a piece of work.
5.    The Task Force intends to meet informally at the tech plenary in


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