[ALL] Minutes 13 Jan telecon 1800 UTC

W3C Semantic Web Best Practices & Deployment Working Group

Minutes of telecon for
13 January 2004, 1800 UTC
Duration: 85 min

IRC Log: http://www.w3.org/2005/01/13-swbp-irc

Chair: Guus Schreiber
Scribe: Chris Welty

1. ADMIN (15 min)

Roll call
Attendees: Phil_Tetlow, Ralph, Alistair_Miles, Evan_Wallace, Deb, Jeff, 
Alan_Rector, Jeremy, Natasha, Guus, Chris, Mike_Uschold

Regrets: Steve Pepper, Benjamin Nguyen, Libby Miller, Dan Brickley,
   Marco Nanni

RESOLVED: to accept the minutes of the Dec 16 telecon:
RESOLVED: to accept 
http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swbp-wg/2004Dec/0087.html as 
record of 2 December with correction as noted in mail archive
RESOLVED next telecon
   Jan 27, 1800 UTC

Agenda amendments
agendum 4. "message from DAWG" taken up [from Ralph] 

Tech Plenary / ftf issues, if any
See also:

Please make your hotel reservations for the March WG f2f 


ACTION: Guus to revie OWL metamodel 
ACTION: Deb to go over OWL metamodel and provide a summary 
ACTION: Natasha to ask Holger about reviewing the OWL profile 

Evan's message about revised ODM submission

Revised submission for ODM available, Evan 2005-01-11 
http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swbp-wg/2005Jan/0038.html Re: 
Revised submission for ODM available, Evan, 2005-01-12 

Evan: ODM submission mostly complete - may go as is with errata so 
comments needed asap to have impact next month OMG meeting will discuss 
this, but no vote. Very likely the formal process (ie voting) will not 
happen until June 
AlanR asks for some pointers to areas of concern 
Evan: RDF and OWL profiles and metamodels. discussion of mappings 
Guus: there are different mappings, so we can divide the load 
jjc: hard to get the time from HP people, but will discuss with HP 
AlanR to ask around Manchester for reviewers 
evan: Pat Hayes the author of mapping to CL 
deb: Pat and Deb asked by Elisa Kendall to review the CL model 
Chris: are sections other than OWL/RDF really relevant to this WG? 
Guus: all mappings from other langs are to OWL 
guus will find out if topic map people interested in reviewing topic maps 


Overview TF documents:

Incorporate this into group page?

3.1 OEP (Deb)

ACTION: ralph to make a "List of WG documents" more apparent from the hom 
e page 

ACTION: Ralph contact Elisa Kendall re: editorship and W3C

Units & measures contribution:

Ralph spoke to Elisa. Believes progress on joining WG has been made.  He 
has enough material to present a persuasive case to W3C for elisa as an 
invited member.
deb: elisa is still interested in taking lead on Units&Measures note and 
has latest information 
guus: any plans for new drafts of notes 
Natasha: new version of Classes as Values [
http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swbp-wg/2005Jan/0016.html] and 
working on new n-ary version 
AlanR: almost finished with simple partof 
Ralph: benefit to re-publish these as new drafts
jjc: can we put links to editors drafts on home page 
ralph: a lot of drafts, maybe not room on the WG home page for all these 

3.2 PORT (Alistair)

ACTION: alistair to report on a timeline for drafts

ACTION: Alistair send email to list, providing documents, suggesting
ACTION: Tom Baker to review PORT docs.
   DONE see below
ACTION: Guus to contact Mark van Assem to review PORT docs.
   DONE, see below
ACTION: David to help Alistair to publish SKOS Core first WD


Tom Baker: see thread starting with:
Mark van Assem:

Alistair: lots of useful comments in feedback, need some time to discuss 
on mailing list.  Introduction and abstracts need to be reworked. 
Technical core is fine 

3.3 WordNet (Aldo)

ACTION: guus to find resources to work on WN WG 
ACTION: Brian and DanBri talk about Wordnet document

guus: no movement here & very concerned.

3.4 XML Schema datatypes (Jeremy)

ACTION: jeremey to have a draft for other WGs in two weeks time 
ACTION: jjc take evan's notes and put them in the draft 

ACTION: Evan to review XML Schema Datatypes before next telecon.

Note for review:

jjc: looked at comments received. Look OK. Unsure about timeline right 
now. Involves other people and other WGs. 
guus: any role for tech plenary interactions? 
jjc: makes sense to have a draft for other WG reviews 1 Month before the 
tech plenary 

3.5 Vocabulary management (TomB)

ACTION: Ralph add RDFTM Wiki links to TF description on BP page.

draft shoudl be available by next telecon 


3.6 RDF-in-HTML (Ben)
ACTION: guus to check with dan and ralph to see whether tech plenary 
meetins are required on RDFinHTML and XHTML 

jjc: we shoudl meet up with xhtml at tech plenary 

3.7 ADTF (Libby)


guus: some progress. Log is expanding. 

3.8 RDFTM (Steve)

ACTION: Fabio & new RDFTM TF members to post a short biog to SWBP list

Skipped (no one present)

3.9 Tutorial Page (TomA)


3.10 SE TF

ACTION: Phil to set up a Web page to provide links to relevant 
publications, topics and validated ideas.

Discussion thread ODA:

guus: comments on breadth of the TF in charter, and task forces expected 
to last 4-6 months.  Need to review that, esp. concrete deliverables. Very 
much against long notes 
Phil agrees 

4. Message from DAWG [Ralph]

ACTION: Guus to contact someone regarding "source response" issue 
ACTION: Ralph to report back to dawg that we can't figure out what the 
"unsaid" problem is precisely 

http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swbp-wg/2005Jan/0053.html DAWG 
request for input on two of their open issues that are comsuing a lot of 
time, considering defering them.  DAWG has asked SWBP to look at the 
issues and comment whether there is enough experience "out there" to put 
in rec. Issues are : 
"Source Response" (determining the origin of a triple) 
"Unsaid" whether a query should be able to specify that something is 
unsaid i.e. if a triple is not there 
DAWG interested in use cases 
there is a link in Ralph's email and contact information 

Ralph: DAWG f2f is [19-20 Jan] , very useful to get feeback by then 
Chris: in the PML work we have found that representing the source of a 
triple in RDF is hard, because since triples don't have URIs, you have to 
go outside RDF.
Ralph: any experiences with this would probably be appreciated 
jjc: I believe HP has some implementations 
AlanR: we have apps that use closed world queries.  Makes it much harder 
if you don't have it. (Assuming this is talking about a negation as 
failure type closure)
Guus: we use it, too 

5. AOB

Meeting adjourned 13:25 EST.

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