Re: Revised submission for ODM available

Please note that I haven't managed to confirm the contents of this 
message with one of my colleagues who is implicated ... I might withdraw 
this later, but feel that it is helpful input to the telecon.



HP has identified this document as having potential business relevance 
and would like to review it as best as we can within the constraint of 
limited available time from reviewers.

The parts of the document we are most interested in reviewing are
(ordered by importance):

12 The OWL Metamodel
16 UML Profile for RDF Schema and OWL
18 Mapping UML to OWL Full
10 The UML2 Metamodel
11 The RDF Schema Metamodel

we also would expect to need to read the introductory sections 1-7 and 9
excluding 7.6.2 and 7.7

As the member of the HP team who explicitly has time allocated, I will
make a first pass review in the two week period you first asked for. I
may not cover all of the above. These could play a part in a SWBPD WG
response to this draft.

If, on basis of that first pass, we feel futher review would be possible 
and helpful we will endeavor to do that before March 7. I assume we 
could offer such addtional rview as HP comments direct to the ODM 
submitters, which may be more efficient than coming back to the WG.


Received on Thursday, 13 January 2005 17:51:37 UTC