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v 1.62: updated R2RML spec with proposed new class and property names Souripriya Das (Tuesday, 31 May)

Proposed Resolution for Issue 42 ashok malhotra (Tuesday, 31 May)

Minutes from May 31 Telcon ashok malhotra (Tuesday, 31 May)

ISSUE-44 (duplicate quads): Duplicate quads generated by TriplesMaps [R2RML] RDB2RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 31 May)

Tentative regrets for today ... Michael Hausenblas (Tuesday, 31 May)

Proposal to resolve ISSUE-22 "vendor specific SQL" Richard Cyganiak (Monday, 30 May)

Reviewing some issues Richard Cyganiak (Monday, 30 May)

Re-opening ISSUE-22 on vendor-specific SQL Richard Cyganiak (Monday, 30 May)

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2011-05-31 meeting 1600 UTC Michael Hausenblas (Monday, 30 May)

ISSUE-32 resolution implemented (rr:joinCondition) Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 24 May)

Minutes from May 24 Telcon ashok malhotra (Tuesday, 24 May)

ISSUE-43 re-use of public entity identifiers Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 24 May)

ISSUE-43 (uri-reuse): [R2RML] RDB2RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 24 May)

ISSUE-16: Multiple subject maps etc Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 24 May)

ISSUE-41 bNode semantics: Information preservation Marcelo Arenas (Tuesday, 24 May)

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2011-05-24 meeting 1600 UTC Michael Hausenblas (Saturday, 21 May)

Fwd: Q: ISSUE-41 bNode semantics Richard Cyganiak (Friday, 20 May)

European Master in Computational Logic - application deadline approaching Enrico Franconi (Thursday, 19 May)

The RDF 1.1 Literal Quiz Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 18 May)

ISSUE-41 What are the options? ashok malhotra (Wednesday, 18 May)

[ISSUE-41 and ISSUE-42] What do people think of NULLs Juan Sequeda (Wednesday, 18 May)

Information Preserving and ISSUE-42 Juan Sequeda (Wednesday, 18 May)

ISSUE-42 (null handling direct mapping): How is the direct mapping suppose to handle NULL values wrt Information Preserving [Direct Mapping] RDB2RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 18 May)

ISSUE-41 - NULL handling - Proposal David McNeil (Tuesday, 17 May)

Q: ISSUE-41 bNode semantics Michael Hausenblas (Tuesday, 17 May)

Information Preserving Juan Sequeda (Tuesday, 17 May)

Minutes of 2011-05-17 telecon Michael Hausenblas (Tuesday, 17 May)

ACTION-129 Case sensitivity of identifiers ashok malhotra (Tuesday, 17 May)

Agenda for May 17 Telcon ashok malhotra (Monday, 16 May)

ISSUE-41 (NULL column handling): Define how rr:column, rr:template, etc. handle NULL column values [R2RML] RDB2RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 11 May)

Proposal for ISSUE-32, curly braces in joinCondition Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 10 May)

case sensitive vs insensitive David McNeil (Tuesday, 10 May)

ACTION-125 - Draft Wiki page with LC sprint time line with Sep 2011 LC ashok malhotra (Tuesday, 10 May)

Minutes of 2011-05-10 telecon Michael Hausenblas (Tuesday, 10 May)

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2011-05-10 meeting 1600 UTC Michael Hausenblas (Saturday, 7 May)

ACTION-122: Proposal for ISSUE-18 Alexander De Leon (Wednesday, 4 May)

Minutes of 2011-05-03 telecon Michael Hausenblas (Tuesday, 3 May)

Agenda for May 3 Teleconference ashok malhotra (Tuesday, 3 May)

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