Re: ACTION-122: Proposal for ISSUE-18

I too like Alexander's proposal. Abstracting the details of, what we call a rowsource, away from TriplesMap seems nice.

Maybe we need to change the names a bit. Specifically, while "relation" is a well-understood term in relational algebra, its use causes some confusion with relationship (or predicates) in RDF.

So, instead of "relation", we could use "rowSource" as the theme term. For example, instead of rr:relation we could use rr:rowSource as the property name whose value identifies the source for the rows that a TriplesMap is trying to map to RDF triples.

Using this new naming in Alex's example:

	a rr:TriplesMapClass;

	a rr:TriplesMapClass;

	a rr:TriplesMapClass;
	rr: rowSource<GetFailStudents>;

	a  rr:ReferencableRowSourceClass;
	rr:tableName "my_table";
	rr:tableOwner "my_schema".

	a  rr:QueryResultRowSourceClass;
	rr:SQLQuery "SELECT id, name FROM my_schema.students WHERE grade<  50".

- Souri.

Received on Wednesday, 4 May 2011 13:35:01 UTC