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#base-param testing

#issue-tx-element: any ideas for GRDDL copy/paste/clipboard?

2-way hg/cvs sync

[#issue-base-param] BWM's test case checked in fo

[public-grddl-wg] <none>

additional tests + security issues

Agenda for GRDDL WG Jan 24 2007 11:00ET Meeting

Agenda for GRDDL WG Meeting Jan 10th 11:00 EST

Agenda for GRDDL WG Meeting Jan 17th 11:00 EST

Agenda GRDDL WG Meeting Jan 31st 11:00 ET

an OpenID GRDDL profile

Atom/turtle test (testlist1#atomttl1) OK now that MIME type is updated? [#issue-output-formats]

Caching paragraph, #issue-html-nsdoc

Call for Exclusions (Update): "GRDDL Primer"; "GRDDL Use Cases: Scenarios of extracting RDF data from XML documents"

Call for Exclusions (Updated): GRDDL Primer, Use Cases

Datalog work informs issues#cascadedQueries

Faithful Infoset paragraph

Fulfilling charter: Stanard Library of Transformations

GRDDL Header

hGRDDL example

hl7-test-patch (and 2-way hg/cvs sync)

hl7-test-patch (very minimal)

Hotel Primer SPARQL updates

Introduction for Ronald P Reck

Linked-in to support hResume

Meeting Minutes from last meeting?

Microformats & Mozilla

minutes GRDDL WG 24 Jan 2006 for review

Problem with Primer + Embedded RDF: Datatypes in Embedded RDF?

Profile URIs

Profile URIs (and building critical mass in the ESW wiki)

Profile URIs (and how microformat mixing can go wrong)

RDFa, Embedded RDFa and GRDDL

Regrets for GRDDL WG Meeting Jan 24th (I will be at the W3C Multi-Group Meetings in Boston)

Regrets for wednesdays teleconference

Rules bug? (applying the right transformation to the right representation)

Rules bug? (applying the right transformation to the rightrepresentation)

Scribe Notes for 2007-01-10 GRDDL Weekly Telecon

Support for multiple outputs in client

TAG work related to Faithful Infoset

the growing list of GRDDL implementations

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