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#issue-tx-element: any ideas for GRDDL copy/paste/clipboard?

From: Dan Connolly <connolly@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 12:41:35 -0600
To: GRDDL Working Group <public-grddl-wg@w3.org>
Message-Id: <1168627295.25509.200.camel@dirk>

I finally took a closer look at this live clipboard stuff yesterday,
while discussing the Operator Mozilla/firefox extension. Here's
an example of microformat data from the live clipboard spec:


hCard data:
<div class='vcard'>
 <span class='fn n'>
  <span class='given-name'>Jack</span>
  <span class='family-name'>Ozzie</span>
 <div class='adr'>
  <span class='type'>work</span> address: 
  <span class='street-address'>1 Microsoft Way</span>, 
  <span class='locality'>Redmond</span>, 
  <span class='region'>WA</span>  
  <span class='postal-code'>98052</span>
 <div class='tel'>
  <span class='type'>work</span> 
  <abbr class='type' title='voice'> phone: </abbr>
  <span class='value'>+1-425-555-1212</span>

Note there's nothing to ground terms like 'locality' in URI space.
There's an lc:format element that uses the IANA MIME type registry;
they acknowledge that's too coarse, and they add a type attribute a la:

  <lc:format type="vcard" contenttype="application/xhtml+xml">

Again, nothing to ground "vcard" in URI space.

It might be nice if we could add something like a GRDDL profile
on that div element...

  <div class='vcard' grddl:transformation="...">

But I haven't figured out a way to preserve the chain of authority
while doing that. What if the <div> is wrapped not in a
live clipboard document, but in an XSLT transformation or
some other context that quotes the div and thus changes its

While I just added this issue to our issues lists in recent
weeks, it has been discussed at least as far back March 2004...

issue-tx-element: is there a way to push the grddl:transformation
attribute down from the document element to individual elements without
breaking the chain of authority? See RDF in parts of XHTML documents 09
Mar 2004 and discussion of trackback in an 18 March message


One way to address this issue is to change the "host" language,
the way RDFa is doing with HTML. But that doesn't fit well with GRDDL.
Indeed, I haven't seen any designs that do fit with GRDDL.

So I propose to postpone this issue; i.e. decide that GRDDL is
good enough even though it doesn't address this issue (by itself;
a combination of RDFa, a new HTML spec, and GRDDL does address
many cases of this issue).

Perhaps we should elaborate the use cases document a bit
to discuss this limitation before we close the issue?
We do have a couple related, unfinished threads:

hGRDDL example 
GRDDL + microformats economics-of-deployment use case

p.s. there are a couple relevant TAG issues, if you're interested...

xmlFunctions-34: XML Transformation and composability (e.g., XSLT,
XInclude, Encryption)

standardizedFieldValues-51: Squatting on link relationship names,
x-tokens, registries, and URI-based extensibility

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