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GRDDL Header

From: Ian Davis <Ian.Davis@talis.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 09:53:47 -0000
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I took an action a while back to investigate and make suggestions on a
GRDDL HTTP header. The existence of such a header would allow content
authors to associate GRDDL transforms with documents even when they
cannot modify the original content to add the usual GRDDL declarations.
This might be because of XML signatures or validity concerns.

I'd like to suggest two approaches:

1) A new header GRDDL-Transformation with BNF

  GRDDL-Transformation = "GRDDL-Transformation" ":" uri-list

  uri-list = AbsoluteURI LWS *( uri-list ) 

An example might be:


(that's a single header line)

2) Use of the Link header. This header existed in RFC2068 but was
dropped from RFC2616. Mark Nottingham been working on an Internet Draft
to respecify it. The draft recently expired but I've been in contact
with him and he is planning to pursue it further. Link has similar
semantics to the HTML link element. An example of usage with GRDDL would

Link: <http://www.w3.org/2000/06/dc-extract/dc-extract.xsl>;

Multiple Link headers can be present in an HTTP message. Mark
Nottingham's draft also defines a Profile header with semantics
analagous to the HTML profile attribute.

Of the two approaches I prefer the second but it relies on a draft
currently being debated. If we adopted it our risk would be that the
semantics of the header are altered after the publication of GRDDL. My
first suggestion is safer in this regard since we would define the
complete semantics of the header.

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