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Introduction for Ronald P Reck

From: Ronald P. Reck <rreck@rrecktek.com>
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 08:57:16 -0500
Message-ID: <45A24DBC.60702@rrecktek.com>
To: public-grddl-wg@w3.org

Hi all, as I have recently joined the group...here is a little about me.

My name is Ronald P Reck and I live outside Washington D.C. about 8 
miles SE from Dulles airport. I operate my own consulting company named 
RRecktek - http://iama.rrecktek.com. I'm currently finishing a thesis in 
computational linguistics and a contract with Factiva where
I have added a RDF capability to their knowledge management tool. In 
October I finished a two year contract where I served as technical lead 
of a project for management and dissemination  of controlled
vocabularies for the Directorate of National Intelligence as a member of 
the Intelligence Community Metadata Working Group staff. Concurrent to 
that I brought in a  team to re-architect data warehousing
of state, local, and federal law enforcement incident reports outside of 
Trident submarine bases for The Navy Criminal Investigative Service 
(project LiNX). Before that I worked on the Total Information Awareness 
(TIA) project later named Terrorist Information Awareness under
Admiral Pointdexter of Iran Contra fame. Previous to that I spent more 
than a year assisting Jim Hendler start the MINDSWAP group.

I have also had contracts serving: Nextel, Winstar, ANS +COre, AOL, 
Standard & Poors, The Federal Communications Commission, Kiplingers 
Newletter, The United States Information Agency, The Council of Better 
Business Bureaus, Department of Defense Health Affairs and many others.

I had papers at XML 2005 and XML 2006 and that's where I met Harry.
In 2004 I co-authored the book _Hardening Linux_.

Currently, I am interested in the following use cases for GRDDL. For the 
first two cases I have been talking to the designers of the standards 
and they have been supportive.

1. http://www.genericode.org/ Controlled Vocabularies -  I have worked 
with controlled vocabularies in a number of different formats, but 
believe that an in-progress work item for the OASIS Code List 
Representation TC, the first draft Q1/200, genericode (XML) is very 
promising. To date, both both FpML (www.fpml.org) and UBL 
(http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=ubl) use 
draft versions of genericode.  Other financial standards  (MDDL, ISO 
20022) have plans to use genericode.

I think this would make a great use case. I also have input to the Air 
Force Enterprise Vocabulary effort and the Department of Energy Quality
Glossary effort and can explain how those effort's output can end up in RDF.

2. http://www.linguistics-ontology.org/  GOLD - As my degree is in 
Linguistics, and I am interested in a standard called the General 
Ontology for Linguistic Description. GOLD has very ambitious goals for 
modeling semantic primatives, which is of interest to select communities 
in my locality. They (GOLD) already to use XML and XSLT to transform 
into RDF/OWL.

3. While working for Jim Hendler I created a mechanism for converting 
SEC filings into RDF. I haven't looked at it in years but I believe it
would work. I did the original conversion in Perl not XSLT. I am not 
strong at XSLT, but that can change.

4. I have dozens of gigs of compressed Patent and Trade Office 
applications and grants. I believe these could be converted into RDF
using GRDDL.

I am a morning person and begin at approximately 4AM EST. After 3PM EST 
is usually not my best time.

My contact information:
Ronald P. Reck - rreck@rrecktek.com
C.V. http://iama.rrecktek.com/rreck/rreck.doc
703-378-8723 / 703-861-8253
skype: ronaldreck
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