Agenda for GRDDL WG Meeting Jan 17th 11:00 EST

Apologies, my computer just died so I can't get CVS access right now, but 
an agenda is available here:



    1. Convene GRDDL WG meeting of 2007-01-10T11:00-0500
           * Zakim teleconference bridge: +1.617.761.6200 code:GRDDL
           * chair: HarryH
           * scribe: BenA
                 o supplementary IRC chat: #grddl-wg on port 
           * PROPOSED: to approve GRDDL WG Weekly -- 20 Dec 2006 as a true 
           * roll call, comments on the agenda.
           * regrets:
    2. [#issue-html-nsdoc]
    3. [#issue-tx-element]
           * See DanC's message
    4. [#issue-conformance-labels]
    5. [#issue-http-header-links]
    6. Test cases for GRDDL with XML documents
           * ACTION: Ben to find access to GRDDL w3 cvs access
           * ACTION: DanC to give Brian McBride CVS access
           * ACTION: HarryH to check in a test case on content negotiation
    7. [#issue-output-formats] whether GRDDL transformations may produce 
RDF in a format other than RDF/XML
           * ACTION: DanC to add N3/turtle mime type to Atom/turtle test 
case, noting the unregistered status 3 weeks
           * ACTION:DanC to write rules about XSLT 1.0 processing context 3 
           * ACTION:BenA to write a sample hGRDDL transformation
    8. [#issue-mt-ns]
           * ACTION: Murry to draft paragraph giving us caveat for faithful 
infoset issue closure.
           * ACTION [DONE]: HarryH to remove the sentence: "The script also 
systematically calls some classic transformations on the document in case 
these were not explicitly referenced in the page (e.g. FOAF and Dublin 
Core extraction, and the like)
    9. [#issue-base-param]
           * ACTION: To test #base-param and e-mail group
   10. Primer Document
           * ACTION:Chime's add HL7 plain XML health care use-case and 
check it into test suite. See his message
           * ACTION: Harry and Brian to rewrite second part of primer to 
use Brian and Dan's instance data. See message from Harry. 6 weeks
   11. GRDDL Spec: General issues
           * ACTION: DanC to add a sample implementation appendix to the 
GRDDL spec. Progress: Re: Notes on implementing GRDDL from scratch
           * ACTION: Fabien to post to sawsdl list relevant questions about 
RDF mapping and relationship to GRDDL


 	Harry Halpin
 	Informatics, University of Edinburgh

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