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Tiring exercise completed John Boyer (Wednesday, 31 October)

Draft minutes for 2007-10-31 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 31 October)

examples for 7.8.4 The hmac() Function (spec xml) (Wednesday, 31 October)

Regrets Mark Seaborne (Wednesday, 31 October)

Regrets Ulrich Nicolas Lissé (Wednesday, 31 October)

Suggested agenda for VBWG/XForms joint meeting Monday, Nov 5 Charles F Wiecha (Wednesday, 31 October)

New spec-ready text for select/select1 with value and copy John Boyer (Wednesday, 31 October)

3 actions done; 3 unofficial actions done John Boyer (Wednesday, 31 October)

TELECON AGENDA - 31 OCT 2007 John Boyer (Tuesday, 30 October)

Thread about "xforms:copy binding query" Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 30 October)

Remember call is 1 hour earlier in Europe tomorrow Steven Pemberton (Tuesday, 30 October)

XForms 1.1 CR draft; reference implementations? Also, xforms-ouptut-error issue resolved John Boyer (Tuesday, 30 October)

Updated list of action items 2007-10-24 (Tuesday, 30 October)

XForms 1.0 Third Edition is a W3C Recommendation John Boyer (Monday, 29 October)

Fw: XML 1.0 and XML 1.1 John Boyer (Monday, 29 October)

Typos in examples of digest function (editorial change requested in XForms 1.1) (Monday, 29 October)

Help with value and copy material on select/select1 John Boyer (Saturday, 27 October)

3 Actions done John Boyer (Saturday, 27 October)

DRAFT AGENDA for FTF John Boyer (Saturday, 27 October)

Backplane XG discussion at FtF John Boyer (Friday, 26 October)

XForms in CDISC Steven Pemberton (Friday, 26 October)

4 Actions done John Boyer (Friday, 26 October)

Completion of Issues 72 and 73 John Boyer (Friday, 26 October)

XForms 1.1 schema is now available John Boyer (Thursday, 25 October)

Why is it hard to remove unwanted top-level elements from XForms schema? John Boyer (Thursday, 25 October)

Need prep work, Fw: [Fwd: Re: Time for a meeting time with Forms WG at the tech plenary?] John Boyer (Thursday, 25 October)

Fixing error in value element definition John Boyer (Thursday, 25 October)

Web service example is available John Boyer (Thursday, 25 October)

Question about ValueTemplate in Schema John Boyer (Thursday, 25 October)

Fw: Section 7 (PR#139) John Boyer (Wednesday, 24 October)

Draft minutes for 2007-10-24 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 24 October)

Differences between XForms 1.0 and 1.1 (Wednesday, 24 October)

Time of call next week Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 24 October)

Regrets Rafael Benito (Wednesday, 24 October)

Re: XForms WG comments on SMIL 3.0 LCWD (Wednesday, 24 October)

Regrets Mark Seaborne (Wednesday, 24 October)

Updated list of action items 2007-10-17 (Wednesday, 24 October)

Request for comments and spec-ready text for issues 88, 89 and 90 Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 24 October)

5 ACTIONS DONE; Could use list update please John Boyer (Wednesday, 24 October)

TELECON AGENDA - 24 OCT 2007 John Boyer (Wednesday, 24 October)

Please mark action 2007-10-17.2 as done Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 24 October)

Normative changes to submission based on adding the examples John Boyer (Tuesday, 23 October)

Re: XForms? Gregory J. Rosmaita (Tuesday, 23 October)

Joint Meeting with voice and MMI John Boyer (Tuesday, 23 October)

Still waiting for director's meeting request for 1.0 TE? John Boyer (Tuesday, 23 October)

Submission examples available in editor' draft John Boyer (Tuesday, 23 October)

Major problem with schema needs immediate attention. John Boyer (Thursday, 18 October)

Is issue 36 critical? John Boyer (Thursday, 18 October)

Actions for issues 102, 162 John Boyer (Thursday, 18 October)

Need actions done on issues 88, 89, 90 John Boyer (Thursday, 18 October)

Need you to get feedback for issue 106 John Boyer (Thursday, 18 October)

Re: More on datatype validation: what's a possible algorithm? (PR#86) John Boyer (Thursday, 18 October)

Draft Minutes 2007-10-17 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 17 October)

regrets Joern Turner (Wednesday, 17 October)

regrets... Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer (Wednesday, 17 October)

Apologies Mark Seaborne (Wednesday, 17 October)

TELECON AGENDA - 17 OCT 2007 John Boyer (Wednesday, 17 October)

Readonly examples (Tuesday, 16 October)

Updated list of action items 2007-10-10 (Tuesday, 16 October)

Behavior of instance src on link failure John Boyer (Monday, 15 October)

Fw: TPAC 2007 Please remind your groups to register for the TPAC - registration closes on Friday 19 October John Boyer (Monday, 15 October)

Please request REC transition for XForms 1.0 Third Edition using these documents John Boyer (Saturday, 13 October)

Errata documents for XForms 1.0 TE John Boyer (Saturday, 13 October)

XForms Evening Announced! John Boyer (Friday, 12 October)

15 Insert/Delete Examples updated in Editor's draft John Boyer (Friday, 12 October)

[access-control] Forms WG comments on Access Control WD Klotz, Leigh (Thursday, 11 October)

Fw: Time for a meeting time with Forms WG at the tech plenary? John Boyer (Wednesday, 10 October)

Draft minutes for 2007-10-10 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 10 October)

5 Actions done, please publish updated list John Boyer (Wednesday, 10 October)

Apologies for today Mark Seaborne (Wednesday, 10 October)

Updated list of action items 2007-10-03 (Wednesday, 10 October)

TELECON AGENDA - 10 OCT 2007 John Boyer (Wednesday, 10 October)

XForms 1.1 spec update for dynamic dependencies John Boyer (Wednesday, 10 October)

Spec updates for url-encoded submission and adjust-dateTime-to-timezone John Boyer (Monday, 8 October)

My action to produce examples of submission Steven Pemberton (Friday, 5 October)

Quick proposal: method="get" be default on submission element Steven Pemberton (Friday, 5 October)

Photo from Rusty Harold John Boyer (Thursday, 4 October)

Small contraditction in readonly update spec? (Thursday, 4 October)

Some info for Rusty Harold's Keynote John Boyer (Wednesday, 3 October)

Re: List discussion issue: Pruning empty nodes on url-encoded submission Blake Jones (Wednesday, 3 October)

Draft minutes for 2007-10-03 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 3 October)

Regrets for today's meeting Mark Birbeck (Wednesday, 3 October)

Regrets for today Ulrich Nicolas Lissé (Wednesday, 3 October)

Fw: Test Suite changes for XForms 1.0.3 Edition Keith Wells (Wednesday, 3 October)

Action item finished Keith Wells (Wednesday, 3 October)

Updated list of action items 2007-09-26 (Wednesday, 3 October)

Action item finished and need updated action items list please John Boyer (Wednesday, 3 October)

TELECON AGENDA: 03 OCT 2007 John Boyer (Wednesday, 3 October)

Editor's draft XForms 1.1 spec update for seconds-to/from-dateTime() John Boyer (Wednesday, 3 October)

Read Access from WAF (WD) Klotz, Leigh (Tuesday, 2 October)

Likely regrets for tomorrow's call (eom) Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 2 October)

MORE ACTION NEEDED (Uli): Better Examples for Insert and Delete John Boyer (Monday, 1 October)

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