Errata documents for XForms 1.0 TE

Hi Steven, 

Attached is a zip file containing four files representing the starting 
errata files for XForms 1.0 TE.

They should be published to

Note that I assumed we would have a publication date of Oct. 29, 2007 for 
third edition.  This assumes a little time more time to work through the 
process of getting director approval to publish.  If we make it through 
sooner, we could consider changing all the dates on everything, but it 
seems perhaps not worth the effort.  The availability of these files is 
useful because then the pubrules checker will not report a broken link on 
the main recommendation, which I am working on now.

Could you please let me know when these are available, or alternately if 
you would rather wait for some reason?

John M. Boyer, Ph.D.
STSM: Lotus Forms Architect and Researcher
Chair, W3C Forms Working Group
Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software
IBM Victoria Software Lab


Received on Saturday, 13 October 2007 17:50:26 UTC