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Your change looks good for me, as I mentioned before I started working on 
the schema, I had no experience in writing schema, so that is why I used 
mixed="true" instead of your solution.
I defined the type because a ValueTemplate is used more the once, and I 
didn't want to repeat the construct so if changes were needed to the 
definition we could change it at one place.


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John Boyer <> wrote on 10/25/2007 03:29:58 AM:

> Hi Nick, 
> I don't understand why you defined ValueTemplate thus: 
>         <xsd:complexType name="ValueTemplate" mixed="true"> 
>                 <xsd:attribute name="value" type="xforms:
> XPathExpression" use="optional"/> 
>         </xsd:complexType> 
> I understand why you defined it (so you wouldn't have to write the 
> same stuff over again), but this particular definition seems to 
> allow the content of toggle/case, setfocus/control, load/resource, 
> submission/resource to be other than character data. 
> mixed seems to allow a mixture of characters and elements, whereas 
> we want the content of these elements to be use when there is no 
> value attribute. 
> Wouldn't it be better to define it more like it is defined for the 
> setvalue action, e.g. this: 
>                 <xsd:complexType name="ValueTemplate"> 
>                         <xsd:simpleContent> 
>                                 <xsd:extension base="xsd:string"> 
>                                         <xsd:attribute name="value" 
> type="xforms:XPathExpression" use="optional"/> 
>                                 </xsd:extension> 
>                         </xsd:simpleContent> 
>                 </xsd:complexType> 
> I'm going to risk it and make the change to this latter form now, 
> but please tell me whether or not this is a good idea... 
> Thank you, 
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