Re: Still waiting for director's meeting request for 1.0 TE?

The transition has been approved.

Steve Bratt sends his congratulations to the group.

Best wishes,


On Tue, 23 Oct 2007 17:29:54 +0200, Steven Pemberton  
<> wrote:

> John,
> I was pretty sure I said at the previous call that I would be on  
> vacation last week, but sorry if it wasn't clear.
> Anyway, the request has gone out, I anticipate we won't need a  
> transition call, and that we will make the 29th publication date. I'll  
> let you know when I hear.
> I am working with the web people to put the docs up, and writing the  
> transition announcement.
> Best wishes,
> Steven
> On Tue, 23 Oct 2007 09:21:03 +0200, John Boyer <> wrote:
>> Hi Steven,
>> Last Sunday I sent information to you, cc'ing the list, regarding the
>> files needed to make the director's meeting request.
>> Indeed the publication request could also be made with the information.
>> Nothing happened.
>> I wanted to raise it with you on the telecon, but you were absent  
>> without
>> regrets.
>> Still, the issue is recorded in the minutes.
>> Can you please make the requests today so that I do not have to build  
>> the
>> documents again with  a later date?
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