My action to produce examples of submission

Examples of Submission

1. Simple submission @@assuming we adopt method="get" as default

    <submission action="" />

After doing relevance and validity checking on the data, submits the whole  
of the default instance asynchronously, encoded as a URL  
(x-www-form-urlencoded), to The result replaces  
the whole page.

2. Simple submission, replacing the instance:

    <submission action="" replace="instance" />

The same as above, but replacing the instance with the returned result  
(which must be XML).

3. Replacing a different instance
    <submission action="" replace="instance"  
instance="result" />

The same as above, but replacing a different instance.

4. Submitting a subtree of the instance
    <submission action="" ref="event/dates" />

Submits the subtree of the default instance selected by the XPath  
expression "event/dates"

5. Saving to a file
    <submission action="file:results.xml" method="put" validate="false"  
replace="none" />

Saves the default instance to a file, without validation checking so that  
the instance is saved regardless of tis validity.

6. Submitting an instance that includes a file upload
    <submission method="form-data-post" action="" />

7. Submitting the default instance to a location where the action url is  
obtained dynamically from an instance

        <resource ref="instance('params')/action"/>


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