Re: XForms Evening Announced!

John & all,

Great news!

Am I the only one to see the layout of the schedule page completely 
garbled for the XForms sessions (at least with FF and Safari) on this page?

Could you precise what "additional speaker registration rate for 
speakers" is? If you give a talk at the XForms evening, do you have to 
pay this rate?


John Boyer wrote:
> IDEAlliance has now announced the XForms evening session.  There is a 
> link *on the main conference page* to our event, so please go to 
> and click the link to find out the 
> details.  Also, the event appears on the schedule with no conflicts 
> (  IDEAlliance will 
> also promote this event in their marketing material and Dave Megginson 
> will blog about it.
> Please also get the word out on your own blogs about this event, 
> including the link to our event 
> (
> Finally, note that IDEAlliance is offering the "additional speaker" 
> registration rate for the speakers (except of course those who already 
> have the main speaker registration for some other talk) .
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