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aloha, nathan!

there is a 6 person "Joint Forms Task Force" comprised of 3 
representatives from the HTML WG (

  * Anne van Kesteren
  * Gregory J. Rosmaita
  * Maciej Stachowiak

and 3 from the Forms WG (

  * Mark Birbeck
  * Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer
  * Nick Van den Bleeken

the joint forms task force has a (rudimentary) web presence at:

our proposed charter can be found at:

the joint forms task force conducts business on a publically archived 
mailing list,, which is archived at:

the joint task force's task is defining a consistent forms architecture, 
using, as a basis, both the work of the Forms WG (XForms) and the Web 
Forms 2.0 submission from the WHAT WG:

the goal of the forms task force is to develop a set of guidelines for
architectural consistency in forms technologies... the primary (proposed)
deliverable of the task force will be a W3C Note -- published jointly 
by the Forms and HTML working groups, with the consensus of the members 
of those groups -- which will outline guidelines for achieving 
architectural consistency in forms technologies; the HTML and Forms WGs 
will then evaluate their future specifications against these guidelines 
and report back to the joint task force which will incorporate their 
feedback into a final version of the W3C Note.  the (proposed) timeline 
for this activity is completion by july 2008

the joint task force is currently scheduling a teleconference time for 
the 6 participants, and hope to hold at least one teleconference before 
the W3C's Technical Plenary (5-10 November 2007), where -- it is hoped 
-- we will be able to present our respective working groups with a 
a proposed charter and scoping document for review...

i hope that addresses the "what's happening with XForms and HTML5" 
question -- any ideas, suggestions, criticism, and additions are 
welcome (which is one of the reasons why we conduct our work in 

you can monitor the list, and receive a status report on the joint 
task force at each HTML WG teleconference

thanks in advance for any contributions, and if any of my fellow 
joint task force members have a differing opinion of our work than 
i expressed here, PLEASE let know!

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> I have never used XForms, but I was wondering what ever happened 
> with  it, and how/if it could relate to HTML 5?
> - nathan.
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