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[agenda] eGov IG call, 31 March 2010

[LD-Outreach] Meeting Reminder

[LD-Outreach] Meeting Reminder - starts at 10am EDT

[LD-Outreach] Meeting Reminder - starts at 9am EDT

[LDDemo] 2010-03-26 call notes

[LDDemo] 3/12 telecon

[LDDemo] no meeting March 5th

[LDDemo] No telecon this Fri 3/19

[LDDemo] telecon Fri 3/26 @ 8am EDT

[Soc Med] Best Practice initial draft - discussion

[Soc Med] No meeting on March 5th

[Web Tech] Project 4 - Focus Group 1 - Publishing Public Sector Information in PDF

[Web Tech] Project 4 - Focus Group 2 - Delivering Government Services using Mobile Technology

[Web Tech] Project 4 - Update / Call to Arms

Agenda eGov, 17 March

Agenda for Tomorrow's call

Code-a-thon for citability in DC in April

Data quality management and linked open data resources

eGov IG meeting reminder

Email update

European eParticipation Summary Report, Nov 2009

Follow up from Citability Discussion (from IG call)

Gov 2.0 Camp Rocky Mountains Update

Humor (safe) on " How to quickly complete the requirements of the Open Government Directive..."

Joint W3C / OMG Open Government Meeting - March 25th @ 1:30pm EDT

Linked Data

Metadata Standards for State Legislation

No meetings this week; Project group status

Promoting open governmental data in Germany

Publishing in PDF

Technical issues impacting government use of linked data

W3C eGov Meetings This Week

Web Pages and Linked Meta Data

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