RE: European eParticipation Summary Report, Nov 2009

Thank you for that Owen. 
As a member of the consortium that prepared this report, I would like to
invite those interested in eParticipation to also check other
project-related material at: 
Available material includes all study's deliverables as well as an online
database of European eParticipation cases assembled within the project. 

Themis ... 
Efthimios Tambouris
Assistant Professor 
University of Macedonia, Greece 

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The recommendations contained in this report are now available in StratML
format at

It would be good if the strategies recommended in objectives 4 and 20 were
rendered in StratML format:
a64ea2a &

Doing so would be consistent with objective 8, which states in part:
"Transparency and the availability of all Public Sector Information (PSI)
for re-use in machine-readable format should be the standard default

Strategies are also referenced in objectives 5, 21 and 22:
a64ea2a &
a64ea2a &

Owen Ambur
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Co-Chair Emeritus, CoP
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Although probably higher level view, this might be of interest to the  
Social Media project.

European eParticipation Summary Report, Nov 2009

"The European eParticipation study has demonstrated the considerable  
potential for eParticipation to change the broader interactions  
between citizens and governments. eParticipation can also improve the  
overall quality of engagement and decision-making whilst widening  
involvement of all citizens. Information and communication  
technologies are opening up new opportunities but also reveal new  
dangers. The report examines all these aspects and provides a coherent  
view of where Europe currently stands regarding eParticipation. It  
gives recommendations for future actions to the main actors focusing  
on the European level."

-- Josema

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