Metadata Standards for State Legislation

I thought this might be of interest.

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From: Dan McCreary <>
Date: Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 3:15 PM
Subject: Update for NDIIPP Project
To: Fifty State Project <>


I am working with the Minnesota Historical Society and the US Library
of Congress as part of the Digital Preservation project (NDIIPP).  I
wanted to let everyone know that MHS (I am a sub-contractor)  had a
very positive meeting with 23 states and other organizations in
January and are trying to move forward with creating metadata
standards for bills.  Hopefully we will be using XML standards that
are very similar to the NIEM Statute standards.

Here is a link to the project site:

Here is a summary of the All Partners Meeting in held in January of

We used a series of OpenSource tools to build a search and retreval
system and loaded XML files for bills for MN, IL and CA.  There are
lots of screen images here:

We are still looking for funding for a full open-source bill drafting
system.  We have submitted a grant to the Sunlight Foundation and hope
to work with the UN on their requirements on the Bungeni (see project .  The work we did for MHS and the US
Library of congress is only for bill search an retrieval and is based
around their 55 top-level requirements.

If anyone has contacts within states that are extracting XML bill
please let myself or Carol Kussmann at MHS know.  There are more
discussions on this topic in the XRX LinkedIn group.

Thanks! - Dan

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