Re: Technical issues impacting government use of linked data

On 03/12/2010 09:21 AM, Cory Casanave wrote (in reverse order):
> What are the existing or proposed
> conventions and ontologies to satisfy these requirements?
> 1) That given a data URI, there is no standard way to programmatically
> access the metadata about the resource.

Obviously I wasn't on the call and don't know what was discussed, but 
some points-

The Linked Data 'movement' started, as I recall, in the use of http: 
URIs as the convention for all RDF resources. By using http:, there's 
implicitly a web page that can be accessed for more information about 
that resource --- a page that can be in RDF format itself.

> 2) That given a data URI there is no standard programmatic way to access
> a SPARQL query point for that resource and/or for associated resources.


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