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Thanks for the response.  

I'm forwarding your questions and suggestion to my colleagues at NREL. 

Developmental stage ground rules for datasets available through OpenEI have been that data be previously published, and that they come with an open license that permits reuse. However, as we move forward, data policies will have to become more nuanced. Currently, we're working through these very issues. So, more to come.


On Mar 3, 2010, at 10:06 AM, Jonathan Gray wrote:

> Dear Mills,
> OpenEI looks very interesting. I was wondering (i) whether it is
> possible to download data in bulk? (ii) how material is licensed? Is
> there a URL with copyright status or terms of use?
> Feel free to update details on the CKAN package page!
> All the best,
> Jonathan
> On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 8:38 PM, Mills Davis <> wrote:
>> Rachel,
>> The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is developing an Open Energy
>> Information ( initiative. Its goal is to establish a (US and
>> global) community-based "renewable energy data commons" based on linked open
>> data principles.
>> Right now we're working through issues relating to how best to manage data
>> quality across the lifecycle of data assets contributed from multiple
>> sources. Entities aligned with Federal Agencies and Departments have
>> multiple requirements to meet relating to quality of data and information
>> being made public in addition to the principles for data quality principles
>> enunciated as part of What is new is figuring out how to best
>> frame data policies and align practices and procedures to fully take
>> advantage of semantic web technologies.
>> I doubt that we are the only group that is exploring how best to marry
>> semantic web technologies with appropriate data quality policies, best
>> practices, and procedures.  But, let me ask. Are you aware of other groups
>> in government or elsewhere who are working to address data quality
>> management issues as relates to repositories of linked open data resources?
>> Can you connect us?
>> Also, to all our colleagues in the eGov interest group, we would welcome
>> your input and suggestions.
>> Thank you,
>> Mills Davis
>> On Feb 9, 2010, at 1:55 PM, wrote:
>> See February 8, 2010 post on's GovGab blog by Bev Godwin:
>> Here's an excerpt:
>> In response to President Obama's "Open Government Directive," federal
>> agencies now have "/Open" pages where you can learn about each agency's work
>> to become more open and collaborative. Each of these pages also includes a
>> link to a dialog tool where you can share your ideas and discuss or vote on
>> ideas submitted by others on how agencies can:
>> --Work better with others inside & outside the government
>> --Improve the availability & quality of information
>> --Be more innovative & efficient
>> --Create their Open Government Plans
>> I encourage you to participate, share your ideas and help us improve how we
>> deliver online services and information!
>> Thanks!
>> -Rachel
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