Re: [agenda] eGov IG call, 31 March 2010

El 30/03/2010, a las 22:50, Chris Beer escribió:
> Agreed - I've noticed the same. Yet while we can drive a W3C  
> delivered/hosted "open standard" or best practice - do you feel  
> there will be ownership issues at all? (I know of atleast 3 other  
> efforts straight up and was already thinking along Jose's lines)

I don't expect them. For example, us (CTIC) would be happy to help.

Although this is an IG and cannot produce recommendation track work  
(i.e. standards), there are mechanisms at W3C we could use. Those that  
are Member organizations can develop something outside W3C and use the  
Member Submission process [1], or can start an XG [2]. We as group  
also have a liaison with the Semantic Web Activity (it's in the  
charter itself)[2] that could be of help in this case, too.

We should also talk to the LOD community (and having Richard around  
and other LOD Members, this should be more than easy :)

This is part of the sort of the discussion we would like us to have  

-- Jose


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>> El 30/03/2010, a las 13:17, Ed Summers escribió:
>>> On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 4:46 AM, Jose Manuel Alonso
>>> <> wrote:
>>>> We will have Richard Cyganiak (DERI, NUI Galway) as special guest  
>>>> to talk
>>>> about dcat <> and I'm sure this will  
>>>> foster
>>>> discussion around the data catalogues topic.
>>> Jose, thanks very much for getting Richard in to talk about dcat  
>>> this
>>> week. On a somewhat related note I just noticed that the Sunlight
>>> Foundation folks here in the US are also working on some guidelines
>>> for making government data catalogs available:
>>> //Ed
>> Thank you.
>> Interesting. Looks like several of us have found the same issue and  
>> are working on similar solutions. It would be good if we all could  
>> join forces (here at W3C) and do it just once.
>>> PS. I can scribe if you haven't had a volunteer yet.
>> No, not yet, so it's much appreciated.
>> -- Jose
>> ps: I'll ask for volunteers anyway hoping someone will volunteer  
>> for the meeting after this one (14 April)

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