[Web Tech] Project 4 - Focus Group 2 - Delivering Government Services using Mobile Technology

Hi all

The second focus group will center around a hot topic in the world of 
e-Government service delivery - Mobile technology - from iPhone killer 
apps, to "m.gov.*" content to SMS services and everything in between.

*What we are after

    * Good "how*-*to" guides
    * links to, or (approved for release to the group) copies of, online
      or in-house agency/.gov.* best practices, publishing guides or
      policy concerning mobile technology and government service
      delivery / publishing
    * Case studies - even if you can identify some who is "doing it right"
    * Anything on metadata in the mobile context
    * Discussion or any of the above (known from here on as "etc")
      concerning lesser known implementations of mobile tech
    * Thoughts etc around accessibility issues
    * Thoughts etc about archiving and retrieval and making mobile
      implementations part of the official record, especially around
      social media/SMS use
    * Thoughts etc about mobile implementations and how they work or
      could work with linked data/semantic web
    * Thoughts etc about mobile e-commerce / transactions - including
      security - how they should be dealt with, issues, etc Will have
      some overlap with other focus group later, but so lets stay
      general here
      THE ISSUE OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY! :) The above is not intended to be

Feel free to contribute to the over discussion, raise topics, post 
links, add to the project wiki - however you'd like to get involved. 
/Participation in this focus group by industry leaders or policy drivers 
is encouraged! If you or your agency/business are one of these, jump 
in!// If you know someone like this, pass this message and forward us 
thier responses/thoughts!/


/*Chris Beer*
Co-ordinator - Better Practices for Using Web Technolgies to Deliver Government Services Project
Invited Expert - W3C e-Gov Interest Group/

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