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"Privacy by design" may be on road to becoming mandatory in the EU

"The Capture API" title too short/cryptic; include more keywords, please

(receipt from dinner last night)

[capture] draft updated

[OpenProvider] Web-based Provider Interactions via DAP APIs

[Policy] Editor Updates to Policy Requirements and Policy Framework

[Powerbox] Fine-grained and non-installed providers

[Powerbox] Q's on the proposal

ACTION-100: Share information on key important privacy policy aspects relevant to DAP

ACTION-119: on how to define the availability of properties

ACTION-129: Expressing timezones in the Calendar API

ACTION-16 for SystemInfo API


ACTION-74: Propose options to move forward with Capture

ACTION-98: Provide draft text for requirements document summarizing 4 privacy aspects...

Agenda (v2), F2F 16-18 March 2010

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-03-03

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-03-10

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-03-31

Agenda, F2F 16-18 March 2010

Birthday related attribute on Contact API

Bluetooth / NFC APIs

BONDI policy example

Calendar FPWD

Calendar FPWD - Proposal of Lunar Calendar System to Device API

Calendaring I18N

CaptureAPI initial comments

CfC: Calendar FPWD

CfC: FileWriter FPWD

CfC: Messaging FPWD

Comments on Powerbox

Contacts API and storage awareness (Re: ACTION-54)

Contacts API in Mozilla labs

DAP telco today?

Dates/Location for next F2F

Draft F2F Minutes Day 3, 2010-03-18

Draft Minutes 2010-03-10

Draft minutes 2010-03-31

Draft Minutes F2F Day 2, 2010-03-17

Draft minutes, F2F day 1, 16 March 2010

Draft minutes, F2F day 1, 16 March 2010 (txt and html)

Draft privacy requirements document

Example abuse cases and policy

Fwd: Information about latest specs for language tagging

Fwd: Powerbox

Fwd: Seeking Comments on Powerbox

Fwd: W3C TPAC2010 Meeting Schedule and request for Group input

IETF coordination on contacts, calendars?

Initial draft of Gallery API

ISSUE-76 (sysinfo-availableNetworks): Available/Preferred Networks in sysinfo [System Information and Events API]

ISSUE-77: Contacts need management of address book, different role than contacts user

ISSUE-78: Capture has a minimisation problem with EXIF data (e.g. it could be Geotagged)

ISSUE-79: Fingerprinting privacy issue related to sysinfo, need for feedback on privacy risk

ISSUE-80: Can we support lunasolar calendars in the calendar API?

ISSUE-81: How to represent dates? ES has Date but with no TZ information; using strings is less than ideal; do we have to create a Web Dates specification?

ISSUE-82: Should Communication Logs be part of the messaging API or part of a telephony API?

Lunisolar on Icalendar, Vcalendar, Vcal

Minutes 2010-03-03

Moving Requirements/Use-cases sections away from the main specification

New draft of FileWriter API posted

Open Actions - please review and complete actions before F2F

Phoning into the F2F

Policy builder tool

Powerbox: UMP & CORS

Proposed API check list

Proposed text for privacy requirements

R: Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-03-31


Regrets (was Re: Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-03-03)

Regrets Re: Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-03-31

Representing vCard objects in RDF

REST: DAP Web Server to access to local resources

SEMC questions/comments on Powerbox

SystemInfo: DisplayDevice

Teleconf bridge reservation for Prague F2F

Transition announcement: Third LC of wsc-ui

Updated Security, Privacy and Policy Requirements Editors Draft

Updated Security,Privacy Policy Requirements draft (ACTION-107)

Updated version of Messaging API available

Use cases for policy reqs (was: Open Actions - please review and complete actions before F2F)

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