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[css-writing-modes-3] 6 new text-decoration: underline tests Gérard Talbot (Monday, 31 August)

[css-writing-modes-3] 12 border-collapse (border conflict of elements) tests Gérard Talbot (Saturday, 29 August)

css-ruby-1 is "not a tracked specification" in Shepherd? Koji Ishii (Thursday, 27 August)

[CSS21] no-red-on-blank-page-ref could have used ref-if-there-is-no-red Gérard Talbot (Friday, 21 August)

[CSS21] padding-[ left | right ]-applies-to-* reference file; "visible"; "on the page"; prefixing ref- Gérard Talbot (Friday, 21 August)

Draft spec links in tests [WAS: Seeking review of position:fixed edge case test] Chris Rebert (Monday, 17 August)

[css-writing-modes-3] first-page-vrl-002 and first-page-vlr-003 tests Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 16 August)

[css-writing-modes-3] the "T" in text-orientation-mixed-001 Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 16 August)

[css-writing-modes-3] 8 new caption-side tests Gérard Talbot (Saturday, 15 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes-3] text-combine-upright-inherit-all-001 and its reference file Gérard Talbot (Saturday, 15 August)

Submit an Implementation report based on a nightly-unstable test suite: possible? Gérard Talbot (Saturday, 15 August)

inline-table alignment test Shiozawa, Hajime (Wednesday, 12 August)

[css-writing-modes-3] text-orientation-script-001 (very demanding); text-orientation-013-ref incorrectly linked Gérard Talbot (Monday, 10 August)

Re: The new tests for vertical align with vertical writing mode Gérard Talbot (Saturday, 8 August)

Re: [CSS21][CSS22] Seeking review of position:fixed edge case test Gérard Talbot (Wednesday, 5 August)

Re: [cssom-view] Seeking reviewer for trivial getBoundingClientRect test cases Tab Atkins Jr. (Tuesday, 4 August)

Tests that fail in UAs that implement the most recent spec. Ms2ger (Monday, 3 August)

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