Re: Submit an Implementation report based on a nightly-unstable test suite: possible?

Le 2015-08-15 06:15, Florian Rivoal a écrit :
>> On 15 Aug 2015, at 05:35, Gérard Talbot <> 
>> wrote:
>> Peter,
>> I've read
>> I would be ready and interested to enter test results of Prince 10 rev 
>> 3 for the CSS3 Writing Modes test suite *nightly-unstable* build and 
>> submit an implementation report.
>> 1- Is this possible?
> I don't know what the official rule is, but I think as long as the
> build is available so that it is possible for others to reproduce the
> results should they want to, I believe we should accept it.
>  - Florian

The tests in the nightly-unstable test suite are regularly modified from 
day to day, new tests are added every day, some other tests are removed. 
So, I now think it would not be possible.

But the entrance page of the nightly-unstable test suite has a link to 
implementation report.

It's probably an oversight.

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