Re: Submit an Implementation report based on a nightly-unstable test suite: possible?

Le 2015-08-15 21:06, Linss, Peter a écrit :
> On Aug 14, 2015, at 8:35 PM, Gérard Talbot <> 
> wrote:
>> Peter,
>> I've read
>> I would be ready and interested to enter test results of Prince 10 rev 
>> 3 for the CSS3 Writing Modes test suite *nightly-unstable* build and 
>> submit an implementation report.
>> 1- Is this possible?
> Yes.
>> 2- If so, then what would be the DATESTAMP:
>> # 
>> <>
> That field isn’t really needed anymore. It was intended to be the
> date/time (in ISO yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss format) of the time the results
> were recorded.

Isn't that DATESTAMP field associated with the alpha or beta or CR 
status of the test suite?

is RC1


is RC6

If I submit an implementation report for Prince 10 rev 4, then should I 
remove that DATESTAMP line entirely or just leave it as



>> 3-
>> When a test line has many characters in its 2nd (middle) column (in 
>> the column between testname and result), what does it mean?
>> eg
>> html/abs-pos-non-replaced-icb-vlr-003.htm d3088b2113ff9dc88028dc89b4d030a83db59a2b ?
>> xhtml1/abs-pos-non-replaced-icb-vlr-003.xht d3088b2113ff9dc88028dc89b4d030a83db59a2b ?
>> html/abs-pos-non-replaced-icb-vlr-005.htm b959f5e9a4d09adc6784d74741b43ff0ac1ea0ca ?
>> xhtml1/abs-pos-non-replaced-icb-vlr-005.xht b959f5e9a4d09adc6784d74741b43ff0ac1ea0ca ?
> The second column is the changeset ID that the test was last modified
> in. Just leave it in place, it let’s the test harness associate the
> result with the exact revision of the test.

Okay... it makes sense.

> There are two ways that you can submit tests for Prince, you can
> either generate an implementation report using the template that
> you’ve found, or you can set the proper user agent string in the
> harness and just run the tests.
> People with appropriate permissions (you are one of them) can upload
> the implementation reports yourself directly into the test harness. On
> the “Run Tests” page first click the “Change” link at the top pf the
> page to change the user agent to the one you’re entering test for (if
> it’s not the browser you’re using), then click the “Batch Upload”
> button on the “Run Tests” page. Enter the date/time and upload the
> file.
> When you set the user agent, you can either pick the user agent you
> want from the list (if it’s present), or you can enter the entire user
> agent string of the agent. For Prince it should be something like:
> Prince/10.0 (; Linux i686)

The 'Linux i686' string is not fetchable... otherwise I do not know how 
you got it.

I have tried to query all possible navigator attributes for Prince and 
never got the complete infor what you indicate here:

Prince can not handle the ListAllNavigatorAttributesAndMethods() 
function I have in

So, I created

and I use in command line

~$ prince --javascript query-navigator-attributes.html

and I still do not get os and cpu attributes or build number which would 
be useful.

I guess

~$ prince --version

info is sufficient.

> Alternatively you can just email the implementation report to me and
> I’ll upload it for you.
> Peter

Peter, thank you for your complete response. I appreciate this.

Prince 10 rev 4 does not support 'text-orientation', it does not support 
'text-combine-upright' and it only support 'writing-mode: vertical-rl' . 
So, the number of tests with useful+revealing test results or worth 
testing for Prince is about 150 tests.

Right now, the first 6 lines of the implementation report I intend to 
submit look like this:

# Prince 10 rev 4 Kubuntu Linux 14.04.3 LTS
# Prince/10 (
testname revision result comment
html/abs-pos-non-replaced-icb-vlr-003.htm d3088b2113ff9dc88028dc89b4d030a83db59a2b na (vertical-lr 
not implemented)
xhtml1/abs-pos-non-replaced-icb-vlr-003.xht d3088b2113ff9dc88028dc89b4d030a83db59a2b na (vertical-lr 
not implemented)

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