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[Cross-posting] Guide for IETF 107 Online Session Chairs

[Manycouches] Proposed Group: CoVid-19 Remote Meet, Work, Class Community Group

a guide for large meetings

Another idea: a "Mentor Network" for people trying to go remote

CoVid-19 Remote Meet, Work, Class Community Group Launched

Fwd: LibrePlanet day 1: Can free software carry an entire online conference? Yes, it can!

Impromptu Remote Yoga Instruction

Information Clearinghouse on using the net?

Internet bandwidth and stability issues

Internet Forum for Going Remote


inviting others to join

Mentoring - The Mentor Project

NIST guidelines

Ongoing Experiments & Results

Saturday Greetings from Learning How to Learn—Special Pandemic edition

Seder 8th April

Suggested transition periods for in-person to online transition

Virtual Appointments Are Now Available

Welcome; Introductions; charter scope

what I'm really hoping for

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