RE: Ongoing Experiments & Results

I re-read my message and realized I didn’t explain well, so let me try again.


Think of an exploration of uncharted territory.

The charter as containing minimum and maximum constraints, as well as a schedule and a starting point and a direction.

The “goals” are for direction – where do we want to go.

The “deliverables” are for end-point: how do we know when we’re done.

The “scope” is for setting limits: what things are “out of scope” and discussion should be limited to things in scope.


I wouldn’t want to make use of proprietary software “out of scope”. I’m happy to make it a goal that all remote activities can be accomplished with open standards and free/libre implementations. But to get closer to the goal we need to know where we are, and not rule current state as “out of scope”.




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I didn’t reply to your suggestion about restricting our scope to immediately usable open standards-implementing environments, preferably free/libre licensed.


I just see so many groups choosing non standards-based solutions because of platform compatibility, bandwidth limitations causing them to choose proprietary codecs or other technologies that the result (if it omitted any solution without there already being an open standard implementation) wouldn’t be generally useful.


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