Re: Another idea: a "Mentor Network" for people trying to go remote

On Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 6:09 PM Larry Masinter <> wrote:

> The idea wasn’t about USING the mentoring service.
> The idea was about SETTING UP  a kind of consulting service
> where people who have succeeded in supporting groups convert
> to all virtual might volunteer to help others who need help,
> are having troubles answering technical support questions.

Hi, apologies, I was just expressing myself too briefly. My comments were
meant to apply to setting up such a service without burdening eventual end
users with the need to install another software package. Would it not be
true that readily operational over the Web would be the least problematic
for end-users? (This a separate matter besides the licensing model
consideration I raised earlier.) This is not to suggest that there should
only be one solution platform and one model. It is to suggest that there
really ought to be at least one that's free/libre and sufficiently
feature-rich to meet most req's for our described scope.

Joseph Potvin

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