Perhaps we should do a round of introductions, for everyone:

Your time zone, experience, what you'd like to see happen.


I'm in California PST and basically on "shelter in place". The travel I was
planning has been cancelled.


Background (TL;DR)


I worked for many years on web standards. I was following mail on <>  just
thinking about doing some standards work again. The issues around the sale
of .org

were interesting, but the discussion about possibly cancelling the meeting
in Canada

in a few weeks and moving to an all-virtual blew up - it seemed they had
made no progress

on planning since the zika virus.


Virtual meetings and "hallway conversations" have long been a research


I chose "covid-19" in the name of the group because I wanted the initial
of the group to be on things that could be deployed in weeks - to reflect
current state. And it seemed WebRTC hadn't solved the interoperability
for end users. But those discussions should be first informed by current


It's hard to write something that is useful for everyone, so we shouldn't be
overly ambitious; let's start small and build on past successes.


If in the short-term we could review articles, blog posts,

organizational web sites and point out the good ones.

I think that could be useful.


I think, though, a good long-term goal would be to influence future
standards work - we have a couple dozen siloed systems still.



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