RE: [Manycouches] Proposed Group: CoVid-19 Remote Meet, Work, Class Community Group

The covid-19 "going remote"  group is getting started

Proposed charter

Draft Charter
W3C CoVid-19 Remote Meet, Work, Class Community Group
In the face of the covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, many meetings,
schools, other kinds of events are trying to "go virtual" in a hurry The
group was originally established with this description:
A clearinghouse for experience and guidelines for people who are suddenly
called to avoid travel or meetings, work-at-home or do classes online. Focus
on current capabilities and future needs.
 That is, to help people understand their choices and other concerns. We're
looking for a broad spectrum of participants, including experts in the
current state of usable technology for remote meetings, classes, work from
home, etc., to help put together best practices documents.

The meta "Best Current Practice": Dare to try, experiment, refine, do not
give up, succeed, share. Even if you didn't have to change/improve tooling
but you already picked the best ones available for your situation, the
participants will still need time to adopt the new technologies.

To join
To join the group, you will need a W3C account. W3C Membership is not
required to join a Community Group.

The group mailing list is , archives at

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