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FYI, most Internet traffic in North America goes over fibre and most of that is buried along railroad rights-of-way.  Chicago is the hub of the rail network.  Congestion, overload and failure will, if it occurs, start on the east coast and cascade towards Chicago.   If key sites in Chicago go down the North American Internet will at the very least fragment and possibly crash.


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We should consider the possibility, that internet stability and bandwidth might get significantly worse for those working or studying from home, at least in the short term.

I’m sorry for not taking this factor quite so seriously.  For many of the categories of going online use cases, this factor might dominate, and make previously tenable solutions unacceptable.






+1   Also, with supply chain disruptions and all sorts of random budgetary and administrative impediments to procurement processes, timely supply of spare parts for data centres is an issue. Not just the 'puters either.


Plan M = mesh networks


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