FYI – I hired someone on Fiverr to get a discourse-based server called  a second iteration after 


My intent is to seed it with content, and hold off until there’s enough content for it to be helpful, and then advertise it more widely.


The web site should make clear that the focus is on technical help and standards advice and requirements from ISOC and IETF and W3C, for people newly called to support people doing things remotely. The content should mainly be pointers to online guides as a kind of meta-index.


If the site is successful, I’ll need to port to beefier hosting but this should be enough to get started.


I thought I’d just do it as a personal project, but of course I would love some help. Let me know if you’d like admin or moderator access 😊



FYI Today at the IETF Virtual Meeting Plenary session, I made a pitch for people with technical expertise to join this group.

I just sent the URL 


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