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There are many, many groups self-organizing around helping out members of their communities to “go remote”.
The trending #StayAtHome feed on twitter shows you what an unmoderated stream there is.
I think a focus on free, libre, open source solutions with security and accessibility would be a useful focus.
The various categories of use cases

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one team? for the whole world? I wonder about that... One team may be a bit of a dream, but maybe that's not a bad thing....

Almost every one who has been successful has had some technical help. Who are the helpers? The authors of site-specific guidelines.
Those are the community that I was hoping to reach…. You and your geeky pastor. 
As for some work…. I don’t have a good model for how video is distributed in these systems. What are the consequences of bandwidth and latency requirements for different kinds of applications?
How do you test your internet connections to know what is even feasible?
Can we translate the NIST guidelines into something our audience can consume?

Do you know anyone who is trying to work from home? I know the folks in my development team in KUMC medical informatics. I'm doing what I can to help them. We're using Zoom and jitsi for our daily stand-up meeting; it's going reasonably well.

I have a niece who plans to get married this summer. I haven't reached out to her, but she's a digital native and I'm not sure I wouldn't slow her down. But maybe I should give that some more thought...

The church I attend had our first online service this morning. It went remarkably well. The pastor is a fellow geek. :)

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