Internet Forum for Going Remote

I've been exploring the idea of using an Internet Forum as a place where
people can ask for help, post guidelines, discuss additional topics.. 


is just a sample (only partly done) of what I had in mind.

I hoped to make the idea more concrete. That the output of this group could
be an active, alive thing rather than just a document.

Technology at the edge needs a vendor-neutral plus common open source
implementations that people can adopt NOW.


I started with the outline in

to populate the initial content:


the top level headings become forum groups (Education, Meetings)

The second level headings (University, K-12, .) would become individual for

And the text items that document could become a post (pinned at the top)


I had a lot of questions..

*	granularity of topics
*	How to advertise so people will volunteer (priming the pump with
*	What are the risks and gotchas (dealing with wanted and unwanted
commercial content, for example)
*	Which hosting provider to choose for this application 
*	Forum hosting, pricing issues 
*	Moderators
*	Licensing issues, ability to export to different message board



If you know anyone who has significant experience running a Forum like this?




Received on Friday, 20 March 2020 18:55:52 UTC