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ACTION-302: HTML5 comment on "other applicable specifications" Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 30 September)

HTML5 discussions regarding charset determination and sniffing Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 29 September)

Agenda for the TAG Teleconference of 30 September 2010 Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 28 September)

Telcon minutes: 2010-09-23 Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 27 September)

IANA hanges to draft-nottingham-http-link-header Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 23 September)

RE: mime-web-info Larry Masinter (Thursday, 23 September)

TAG teleconference agenda for 23 Sept. 2010 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 22 September)

Evercookie: Indestructible cookies Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 22 September)

HTML WG ISSUE-41: extensibility Paul Cotton (Wednesday, 22 September)

Minutes from Sept 16 Teleconference ashok malhotra (Friday, 17 September)

Lawsuit targets use of HTML 5 client-side storage as cookie substitute for user tracking Noah Mendelsohn (Friday, 17 September)

Tag Teleconference Agenda for 16 September 2010 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 15 September)

ACTION-457: Coordinating with HTML WG on status of their extensibility proposals Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 14 September)

ACTION-414: Discussion of Domain Name persistence Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 14 September)

ACTION-460: DanA to coordinate with IAB regarding next steps on privacy policy Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 13 September)

Interesting article on Twitter rewriting some links to use their t.co URL shortener Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 13 September)

metadata architecture ISSUE-63 Jonathan Rees (Monday, 13 September)

The TAG call of 9 Sept is hereby cancelled Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 8 September)

TAG call of 9 Sept will be cancelled unless someone volunteers to chair Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 7 September)

Re: 3023bis and XPointer Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 6 September)

Adam Barth's note to public-iri mailing list on browser processing of IRIs Noah Mendelsohn (Saturday, 4 September)

Agenda for TAG Teleconference of 2 September 2010 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 1 September)

ACTION-355: Web Arch coverage of "interaction story" for Web applications Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 1 September)

There will be a TAG call tomorrow, 2 Sept. -- working on agenda now, sorry for delays <eom> Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 1 September)

Draft TAG telcon minutes of 2010-08-19 available Yves Lafon (Wednesday, 1 September)

Re: Generic processing of Fragment IDs in RFC 3023bis Martin J. Dürst (Wednesday, 1 September)

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