Re: ACTION-355: Web Arch coverage of "interaction story" for Web applications

Hi Noah,

On Sep 1, 2010, at 11:18 AM, Noah Mendelsohn wrote:

> John,
> I'm doing an end-of-summer review of TAG actions, and also trying hard to get focus on some serious writing on Web Application architecture for the October TAG F2F.  For both of those reasons, I would appreciate it if you could push ahead on ACTION-355 [1], which has the title:  "Explore the degree to which AWWW and associated findings tell the interaction story for Web Applications".

Did you see my email to www-tag, linked to that action item?:

> Indeed, I'd be grateful if you could go somewhat beyond just checking what WebArch says, to get us to some suggestions about what, if anything, the TAG should contribute further in this area.

In the above-linked email, I did suggest some initial suggestions of where we might start discussion. I haven't had any feedback on whether even the initial work I've done is appropriate and whether I should follow it, or whether I should abandon that and suggest a different approach. 


> [1]


- johnk

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